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Understanding Human Sexual Interactions

When it comes to ejaculation, when is a good time?

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Belizaire Psychological Sexual Therapy

Human sexual interactions can be dated back to prehistoric time and research concludes that both animals and Humans engage in sexual interactions for not only procreation reasons, but self-entertainment as well. Human Sexuality has a long history, however, as time progresses, modern societies continue to adopt a hypocritical Victorian code of morality that encourages the repression of sexual desires and feelings.

Due to such repressive state, it stands to reason that many questions are still unanswered. How can answers be found if the right questions are not asked; thus, we must bluntly ask “when can I ejaculate? "

For men ejaculation completes the sexual response cycle, but the timing of such act is not only controversial, but it can lead to broken relationships, depressive episodes and a sense of frustrations for the partners. In my practice, I often get the question, when is the best time to ejaculate? Let’s first understand the following 3 categories of ejaculation.

A. Premature ejaculation; ejaculation lasting from 0-2 minutes. In this case the ejaculation can happen prior to vaginal or anal penetration or within two minutes of penetration.

B. “Normal” ejaculation; Anything thing to goes beyond the 2-minute period and lasts to mutual satisfaction for the partners involved.

C. Delayed ejaculation (not to be confused with retrograde ejaculation): In this phase the male partner may not ejaculate at all or sexual intercourse can last extended period of time without ejaculation occurring.

Now, I sense the reader’s anticipation to ask me to answer the introductory question as to when is a good time to ejaculate; so what do you think?

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