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Is it a Spot or a Zone?

Lets talk about the “G”.

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Dr. Ernst Gafenberg is the famous German gynecologist whose researches concluded that the vagina has an erogenous area that can lead to sexual arousal if and when properly stimulated. Many refers to this area as one’s “G spot”; however, it is academically prudent to add that such spot has been a source of controversy and academic disagreements for decades.

Sexologists and other experts in the field continue to disagree on the location and even the existence of such spot.

Dr. Gafenberg himself refers to the area as more of a zone instead of spot; thus emphasizing the fact that there is no physiological evidence of a “G spot”.

Despite the varying opinions, it is widely agreed that the vagina has an area with a high level of sensitivity that lead to sexual relaxation when stimulated.

It must also be kept in mind that the human body has many erogenous zones including the neck, arms, chest and many more; So, is it really a spot or zone?

Does it really matter? What difference does it make?

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